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te.safeKeyOrThrow(ident, forceQuotes = false)

Takes ident and turns it into the representation of a safely escaped JavaScript object key (to be used in an object definition). We do our best to not put quote marks around the key unless necessary (or forceQuotes is set), so that the output code is more pleasant to read.

We'll throw an error if you pass an ident that contains unexpected characters, this is intended to be used with relatively straightforward strings (/[$@A-Za-z0-9_.-]+$/). We also forbid common attack vectors such as __proto__, constructor, hasOwnProperty, etc. (For the full list, evaluate Object.getOwnPropertyNames(Object.prototype).)

IMPORTANT: It's strongly recommended that instead of defining an object via const obj = { ${te.safeKeyOrThrow(untrustedKey)}: value } you instead use const obj = Object.create(null); and then set the properties on the resulting object via ${obj}[${te.lit(untrustedKey)}] = value; - this prevents attacks such as prototype polution since properties like __proto__ are not special on null-prototype objects, whereas they can cause havok in regular {} objects.