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Graphile Config

PRERELEASE: this is pre-release software; use at your own risk. This will likely change a lot before it's ultimately released.

graphile-config provides a standard plugin interface and helpers that can be used across the entire of the Graphile suite. Primarily users will only use this as import type Plugin from 'graphile-config'; so that they can export plugins.

This package provides two interfaces: Plugin and Preset

Supporting TypeScript ESM

You can specify a graphile.config.ts file; but if that uses export default and your TypeScript is configured to export ESM then you'll get an error telling you that you cannot require an ES Module:

Error [ERR_REQUIRE_ESM]: Must use import to load ES Module: /path/to/graphile.config.ts
require() of ES modules is not supported.
require() of /path/to/graphile.config.ts from /path/to/node_modules/graphile-config/dist/loadConfig.js is an ES module file as it is a .ts file whose nearest parent package.json contains "type": "module" which defines all .ts files in that package scope as ES modules.
Instead change the requiring code to use import(), or remove "type": "module" from /path/to/package.json.

Or, in newer versions, an error saying unknown file extension:

TypeError [ERR_UNKNOWN_FILE_EXTENSION]: Unknown file extension ".ts" for /path/to/graphile.config.ts

To solve this, use the experimental loaders API to add support for TS ESM via the ts-node/esm loader:

export NODE_OPTIONS="$NODE_OPTIONS --loader ts-node/esm"

Then run your command again.